I have a vexatious neighbour, who unnecessarily complicated an otherwise simple project. This being no fault of the installer, I volunteered to pay extra. This was refused. The (strictly: - unnecessary!) modifications were carried out at no extra cost, but considerable inconvenience. I was impressed at how the whole thing was handled. Now that the system is up and running (well) - we're content. It is only day 2.

George - ACT

In the beginning I had no idea about solar. After I applied for quotes online I got bombarded with quotes information.
Scott from ASD was genuine friendly and straight forward. He took the time to explain options and answer questions and that was just on the phone.
He came out and assessed the house and best position.
In comparison a couple of others - we're just sales people on the phone who based everything off google earth and one even had the panels on the neighbors roof.

Scott's system placement advice took in our our requirements and factored in future plans as well. The installation was professional and timely and they work for Scott and take ownership if the install.

I can't recommend Scott and ASD more highly.

Mathew - ACT

In my dealings with Scott Mason, I found him to be a very honest & upfront person. He is not a salesman, so I did not have to suffer all the salesman BS. In fact, because he was not a salesman is exactly why I chose to deal with Australian Solar Designs. Scott was very Quick to respond to any calls or emails for any questions.The install team were organised, friendly & did a very neat, quality install as I watched.
My own research prior lead me to the conclusion their panels & inverters are of an excellent quality. It was reassuring to see the large commercial 100 kilowatt installs they have done in past.

I am currently very happily running air cons, dryers etc all at the same time while still selling back to the grid. During daylight hours I am rarely using any power from the grid, If I am its next to nothing.

I would & have recommended ASD to anyone.

Bob - 2567 NSW

No "BS" all the way from design, to quoting, to installation. Scott is highly knowledgeable, which led to an ideal installation. Can't recommend Scott and his team highly enough.

Scott - 2234 NSW

Scott Mason was excellent from the moment he came to quote for our job. We were kept up to date with all aspects without having to ask. Our system is working beautifully.

Alison - 2607 ACT

We couldn't be happier with our results - Scott was very professional and being an electrical engineer himself, he knew all the answers! We would recommend Scott and Australian Solar Designs to anyone in Canberra. Unbeatable price, top of the line products, quick install. Our 5kW system was installed in around 4 hours.

Ash - 2913 ACT